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Check out some of the work I've done already, and reach out if you see anything interesting! I can't wait to hear from you.

Uploading Video

PRODUCT DESIGNER (July 2021 - Present)

Adding video to a post is a vital way to express yourself on almost every social media. I led design on the ability to upload videos to multiple types of posts on the social media platform, Mighty Networks. The first wave of video related features was released November 2021.

Multi Currency


At Mighty Networks, I ran the Money & Members squad for several months, handling all projects related to payments and how members join online communities. I developed a 3 year plan on how to overhaul our member onboarding system, and give community hosts the freedom and flexibility they wanted when it comes to welcoming people into their communities. The first major milestone and largest return on investment was building out multi currency to open us up to an international market which was released at the end of September 2021.

Group Chat

PRODUCT DESIGNER (Jul 2020 - Oct 2020 & Aug 2021 - Dec 2021)

To increase engagement in our platform, we took our existing 1 on 1 chat feature and expanded it to allow people to create group chats of up to 9 people in any combination they wanted. This feature was released in November 2021 with several small follow ups in December of that year.



When going through the infant adoption process, there are many hurdles a couple has to go through in order to create their family. Bookcase is a platform for families to share their adoption book (a collection of videos, photos, and stories to share who the couple is) with prospective birth mothers, and aims to simplify the process of starting a family by keeping parents in the process.

At First Site


This dating app aims to reimagine the dating world by curating date ideas for new matches. To do this it uses built in mini quizzes called InSites to flesh out a profile that helps us provide them with relevant and fun things to do in their city.



3M approached Northwestern to help look into how we might expand the 3M's dental product brand beyond the dentists office and into customer's lives. The goal was to address lifelong dental health with 3M branded goods and services. My team and I put together a 5 year plan of what products the company should tackle and in what order to become a player in the consumer centric dental health market.

Come back later to see what new projects I'm working on! Or better yet reach out and we can talk about what other cool things we can make together!