Rebranding and Advertising a Kickstarter Project

Date: Sept - Dec 2018

Team Members: Bradley Sedor, Abby Lammers & Hanna Lauterbach


  • Branding

  • Ideating

  • User Experience

  • Storytelling

The Prompt

Find a kickstarter project you find interesting and develop a one page website and animatic for them.


When creating the animatic, we wanted to keep the young and fun personality going while focusing on a distinct part of the product: the can. No matter what situation you find yourself in, your snacks will always be safe.

A big part of the uniqueness of this brand is the can, and the protection it provides to the snacks inside. So, we did our best to accentuate it by placing it front and center, as well as using circles as a motif throughout the site.

We wanted to keep a bright color scheme as the target market are younger millenials, without it becoming overwhelming like a lot of their existing branding.

The ingredients all come from rescuing food that would have been thrown out. We didn't want to emphasize it though because people felt uncomfortable eating food that "didn't make the cut" for other foods like chicken tenders or baby carrots. So we focused on the locally sourced food aspects. We listed the ingredients first because it's what someone actually wants to know before buying.

The advantage is two fold. First of all, it protects the snacks more than a regular plastic bag would, so you can carry it and what not. It's recyclable where a plastic bag isn't. This way it's overall better for the environment. We decided to make this the second element on the page because it is one of the main things that sets Yappah apart from other snack food.

Once we've been through the two key differentiators, we dive into the actual flavors that are all based on unique food and alcohol flavors. 

Finally, we dive into the where you can find chicken Yappah as well as who is on the team. A big part of the product for the creators of Yappah was that it was a local Chicago company and having a fun work environment.