Wumbo Waffle Iron

In Stanford's ME 203: Design and Manufacturing, I designed and fabricated this waffle iron utilizing both SolidWorks and the Product Realization Lab. My inspiration came from my family's weekly waffle breakfasts, so I designed a waffle iron that could make three waffles at once for me and my two siblings.


Designed the piece in SolidWorks first to see how the parts would need to align and how to size the center triangles so that everything fit properly.

Wood Working

Constructed a mold for the waffle iron out of a baseboard and modulin.


Took the model and created a mold in sand. I filled the mold with aluminum.


Used clamps to fix each side and used the mill to drill a hole through to the other side to create the hinge.


Sanded the entire piece and then shined the outside faces. Then added some tape on the outside in the shape of a "W" and glass bead blasted the entire waffle iron to give it distinct texturing.

Praise for the Wumbo Waffle Iron
Indiana Jones
Leslie Knope
Doc Brown
Jack Sparrow
Remy the Rat