Stanford University

GPA: 3.54

Concentrations: Product Design major and Computer Science minor

Awards: Best Societal Impact (Presented in CS 147 for Norma)

Classes: Human Centered Design, Product Design Methods, Design Process and Management, Design and Manufacturing, Advanced Needfinding, Design Sketching, Design in Public Spaces, Intro to Digital and Physical Design, Introduction to Human Values in Design, Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Light and Heat, Linear Algebra and Multi-Variable Differential Calculus, Introduction to Optimization, Intro to Human Computer Interaction, Interactive Computer Graphics, Computer Organization and Systems, Mathematical Foundations of Computing, Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists, Psychology, Bioethical Challenges in New Technology, Intermediate Improvisation, Rhetoric of Scientists, Cognitive Neuroscience

Clubs/Activities: Theatre, Stanford Sitcom Project, Stanford Mixed Company (A Cappella)