Industrial Design Sketching

These are 4 week-long industrial design projects displaying the process used to come to final sketches and concepts.

The Prompt: Design a Bus Stop for Northwestern University

Bus & Coffee Stop

Audit Board

Northwestern has a unique brand, with both very old, Hogwarts esque, buildings right next to brutalist and large glass panels. Also, Northwestern's 3 stripes, slash, and multiple wildcats.


Using Norhtwestern's design language, I brainstormed several styles of bust stop.

Stop Ideation.png


Landing on a Coffee Stop/Bus Stop mix, I explored Coffee alcoves and dispensers.

Final Concept

A bus stop meant to be leaned on with benches on either side mimicking the 3 stripe pattern and Northwestern slash. It has coffee alcoves with 2 permanent flavors and one rotating seasonal one.


Beds for Extended Space Travel

The Prompt: Design a Piece of Furniture

Audit Boards

First, I needed to understand the existing state of space and what ships currently look like.

Next, came understanding how other artists had already conceptualized space and the tools used.

Finally, what does an idealized version of space look like for me?


The main issue with sleeping in Zero Gravity is floating away from the bed. Could I help create ways of providing micro gravity to improve sleep and remove some of the muscle degradation?

Final Concept

A sleeping bag that can be spun to provide micro gravity. Once spinning, the large windows polarize to decrease light changes as the sun rises every 90 minutes while at ISS orbit height.


The Prompt: Design a Pair of Shoes

Met Gala Shoes for Jonathan Van Ness

Audit Boards

Because no theme for the gala had been announced, I made one up. Symbiosis would fit because exploring the way we live together is both culturally relevant and creatively generative. 

Met Gala outfits are oftentimes extreme but also are specially designed for the wearer.

Jonathan Van Ness explores barriers between masculinity and femininity in his style. His heels generally cover the ankle and have a supportive heel.


Exploring the extremity of Met Symbiosis with Jonathan Van Ness' style of heel.


Taking concepts deeper in detail.

Final Concepts

The first concept is a wrap-around thigh-high that is put on like a slap bracelet with a gradient referencing blending gender roles as well as the clinging structure of a vine.

The second concept is meant to resemble bird wings which are some of the most commonly symbiotic land vertebrates.


Pride Parade Instant Dance Floor Speaker

The Prompt: Design a Speaker

Audit Board

When people throw a party, what kinds of speakers do they use and what kind of variation is out there?


Exploring the variety of use cases for a speaker from separable disks to wine class shaped water proof ones.


Delving into color patterns and materials.

Final Concept

A triangular speaker to be worn out to a parade and can be easily controlled to turn a city block into a dance party. Also easily accessed beverage holders.