User Experience

& Service Designer

designing experiences that delight users and service providers



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Bookcase Redesign the infant adoption process by changing the waiting period

User Researcher, User Experience Designer, & Service Designer

Northwestern Thesis


Lurie Children's Hospital Environmental design for a second floor hospital reception desk

Design Researcher and Service Designer

Northwestern Class partnering with Lurie Children's Hospital


City of Chicago Redesigning the referral process between government services

Design Researcher and Service Designer

Northwestern Class partnering with the City of Chicago

3M Dental Developed a strategy for products & services 3M can create to have a consumer dental brand

Student Design Researcher & Design Strategist

Northwestern Studio Class


At First Site Dating App providing  date recommendations and quality matches

User Experience Designer

Northwestern Product Management Class


Proctor & Gamble Worked on a student project developing a shampoo dispenser

Student Product Designer & Design Researcher

Northwestern Studio Class

Yappah Rebranding a kickstarter campaign's website and creating an advertisement

UX Design


Struggle Book

The Struggle Book Integrating growth mindset into the English curriculum through comic book creation

Design Researcher and Product Designer

Stanford Senior Capstone


Norma Team dynamics app focused on creating and regularly checking up on norms

Lead Designer

Stanford Human and Computer Interaction Class

Google Camper A google maps plugin that generates weather based packing lists for extreme campers

UX Designer and Developer


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Evello Designed a smart gardening device focusing on automatic watering

User Experience & Product Designer