D&D Table

A Modular Table for Playing Dungeons & Dragons with a Digital Board and a Capaign 


  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Human Centered Design

  • User Research

  • Marketing

  • Ideating

  • User Experience/Service Design

  • Insight Synthesis

  • Storytelling

Dungeons and Dragons is a table top game where players create their own characters and go on epic adventures led by the Dungeon master. The Dungeon Master is in charge of telling the story and guiding the players on their journey, all the while attempting to create an atmosphere for their players, using maps, storytelling, and miniature figurines. Games can last for years, so ease of transport and organization are essential. This table tries to keep that in mind while also creating an atmosphere for the game.


Doc - Sep 13 2018 - 7-06 PM.jpg

First, I laid out how I wanted the buckets to look be for holding dice, character sheets, and miniatures, and figured out how to properly arrange things to maximize comfort and organization. It is 3 pieces that stack on top of each other. The original plan was to have them hinge together, but due to time restraints, they only stack on top of each other.

folding process.JPG

I then made a 3D model of what I planned on making and how it might work.


I then got to prototyping. I wasn't sure how to properly build it and support it, so I made a cardboard model of the center piece. This also let me feel comfortable with the sizes of the holes I cut.

The final board ended up working  well, and a group of us played a short campaign together on it.